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125th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in New Zealand

Connecting audiences live with YouTube and Facebook

14th September 2018, Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch, New Zealand
Site Visit
The director of the live stream visited the Isaac Theatre Royal in the days leading up to the event where we worked with the venue to discuss camera location options, internet connection options, and sound. Within an hour we were able to confirm the optimum camera location and plan working with the sound team, giving the venue enough time to lay the needed cables.
Live Stream To Two Channels
ChristchurchNZ informed us that the Labour Party wanted to also live stream to their facebook page. Although it's not common, we were able to adapt our approach quickly to accommodate both channels.
Social Media Video
LiveVIEW edited a short highlights clip optimised for the facebook platform. We kept the edit tight and to the point and changed the shape of the video to better fit phone displays. View here
During the Live Stream LiveVIEW were constantly monitoring both streams, adjusting the quality to ensure the smoothest experience for both platforms.
LiveVIEW connected audiences live across New Zealand in high definition on both the ChristchurchNZ YouTube page and the NZ Labour Party facebook page.
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