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The 57% Charity Event

Doing more with less with wireless Multi-Cam

2018, Cardboard Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand
Multi-Cam is an excellent way to get greater coverage of an event. This allows more creative freedom for the director and because our cameras are all wireless, we can move them about easily meaning we can do more with less.
Combined with our wireless communication headsets we are able to give direction to cameras to adapt to situations and get the best angle.
Direct Feed
With multi-Cam we are able to get a direct feed of displays to best show any graphics or pre-made content that you wish to present on the displays at the venue.
TV Style Experience
With the directors and crews experience in television, we are able to create a TV quality broadcast. Interviews, commentary, commercial breaks, high end graphics and more are all possible.
LiveVIEW used wireless Multi-Cam to cover more angles and feed content direct into the live stream.
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