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Hawai'i vs NZ Premiere

Engaging fans live on facebook

15th August 2018, Cowles Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand
Site Visit
Before every game we visit venues to test networks, checking the staging, and to help catch any issues that may interfere with the viewing experience.
Planning and Setup
We create a plan for just about everything, from placement of the cameras, positions for interviews, and schedule of the show so we don't miss any of the action happening on the court. We use a primarily wireless setup which allows for greater flexibility for story telling. Our wireless communications with camera operators on the ground mean we focus on what's important to help build the story of the game.
LiveVIEW prepares for as much as we can, testing gear regularly and testing on site. For sports events we have an increased frequency of testing on site and are refining our processes to reduce issues that may occur.
TV Style Experience
With the directors and crews experience in television sport, we are able to create a TV quality broadcast. Interviews, commentary, commercial breaks, high end graphics and more are all possible.
LiveVIEW connected audiences live across New Zealand in high definition on the New Zealand International Basketball Tours facebook page.
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