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Christchurch Economic Update

Connecting audiences live with YouTube when broadband isn't enough.

5th December 2017, The Piano
LiveVIEW is able to live stream over the 4g cellular network and was able to use this to run a live stream from The Piano. LiveVIEW has live streamed at over 100 locations since it first started in 2015.
LiveVIEW records every live stream in full HD, with this we can create same day highlights videos and full length videos for archiving.
Working Together
LiveVIEW worked with Shipleys to connect into their audio setup. This helped keep the setup straight forward for those speaking on stage.
LiveVIEW monitors every live stream on location and off site, allowing us to quickly detect and narrow down the source of issues to ensure a smooth experience for those watching.
LiveVIEW connected audiences with vital information live when broadband wasn't enough. We were able to live stream a smooth experience for audiences at home over cellular networks.
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