We support you every step of the way, starting with your goals and expectations for your event and ending with feedback on your results and what they mean.

Live Streaming

We’ve been providing live streaming video services to large and small businesses in the public and private sectors since 2015.
It Starts With You

Our service starts with a discussion about your goals and expectations for the live stream, the logistics and budget. We’ll prepare an initial proposal recommending the scale of coverage (for example, single or multi-camera) and cost.

We’ll Plan The Production In Detail
We make site visits prior to the live steam to plan the event and test the network to determine the most reliable method for streaming (for example, Ethernet, WiFi, or Cellular). Our production plan includes identifying where each and every camera will be throughout the stream, and what images they’ll capture. We also prepare a backup ‘Plan B’ to cover every possible contingency to ensure on the day everything goes smoothly.
On The Day
Our use of the latest innovative wireless technology means we can set up in a relatively short period of time (and pack out equally fast), with minimal intrusion on your event. Our crew of experienced TV trained camera operators led by our director of productions will deliver an engaging live stream for your viewing audience.
It Ends With You
We record the live stream and can edit highlights videos for your use on websites and social media within hours of the event ending. We archive all live streams providing you with peace of mind that your live stream recording is safe and secure.


We’ve been creating computer-generated animations for over a decade. Animations can allow you to tell a story that simply wouldn’t be possible or practical using conventional filming. They can also make a good story even more eye-catching and impactful.
It Starts With You
Our service starts with a discussion about your goals and expectations for the animations (for example, is the video or commercial fully-animated, or a combination of conventional filming and animation) the messaging, desired style of animation and budget. We’ll prepare an initial proposal including the estimated cost.
We’ll Create Scripts And Storyboards
Working from existing scripts, or using information supplied by you, we’ll create a script and storyboard for your animated feature. Our approach makes it easy for you to get a real sense of how the animation will look when completed, and allows time to refine both the script and the shots in the storyboard before computer animation commences.
Let The Animations Begin

Our director of animations turns the approved script and storyboard into a series of key animations and compositions. These are the building blocks that support the enhanced animations, lighting effects and colour grading that really bring the animations to life.

It Ends With You
We provide the animations or animated video to you in whatever format you require to use in your marketing campaigns. We archive all our work to enable easy updating and refreshing when you require it.

Video Production

Collectively we have over twenty years experience in television, film and video production.
Our team has experience making programmes, features, news stories and commercials for television broadcast, including interviewing, scriptwriting, recording voice-overs, filming, editing, sound, graphics and post-production. Our features can be seen on network TV in New Zealand. We understand how to make features that work on both TV and online to reach the biggest possible audience.
Video is the fastest and most powerful way to get a message across to an online audience. In addition to being more engaging, audiences remember more about your story when it’s told with video. New research* also shows people are more likely to trust a story that includes photos and video.

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